I had always wanted to do an under water story. In fact,looking back through my archives in 2012, I came across an envelope of ideas marked “Underwater Shoot” that I must have put together 20 years earlier. With the financial constraints of bringing up a family, my last 16 years have focussed on how to do this, and at the end of it all it came down to one word, compromise, something we all make on one level or other. I have always loved nudes, who doesn't love the truth and honesty that comes with a body free of artifice. 

I love spending as much time as I can in the sea, a place of freedom and cleansing of the soul. Overcoming my initial fears of scuba diving I set out on a new path, without compromise. This new found passion for photography has been ignited by a single aim,to follow my intuition, to please nobody except myself, and to strive for the best results possible. I would like to think I achieved these aims which have culminated in a luxurious 368-page book AGUA NACIDA and the new AGUA VIDA + AGUA PROFUNDA series and several exhibitions, Doing something I love... my way !!